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Marilyn Monroe photographed during a photo shoot with John Florea in 1953. 
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Marilyn in 1947
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Marilyn Monroe by Bob Willet, 1952
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Marilyn Monroe smiles gaily for photographers after planting a kiss on the portrait of her hip swiveling beau, Elvis Presley, inside her dressing room at 20th Century Fox.

This is actually fake/photoshopped…  in reality this photo behind Marilyn was of her husband Joe DiMaggio, not Elvis.  (Marilyn and Elvis never had the chance to meet in real life.)  Cute idea though!  
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 I always felt protective toward her. I liked her. While I had no reason to feel sorry for her—she was beautiful and rich and loved—I did: I just knew that she was a magnet for shit, and I saw a lot of people unload on her. She was a child—a sweet, needy child, and I’m very Irish and very Catholic and basically a decent person, and I think you take care of children and needy people. I think you reach out to the sad people and the sick people, and I always felt that Marilyn was an inch and a half from deep sadness. If I made her comfortable—and she told me I did—it was because I wasn’t after her for anything but friendship, and I had a house full of noise and kids and open doors. She could let it hang with me, and I wish—like a lot of other people—that I had kept the doors open more often. She was a good person. She was not treated well.-Maureen Stapleton in an interview with James Grissom, 1991[x]
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Marilyn Monroe, photographed during the filming of The Misfits 1960
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